Commonwealth Youth Parliament (Wed, 28th Feb 2018 - 1:15 pm) 

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Commonwealth Youth Parliament

Jersey is hosting the 9th Commonwealth Youth Parliament (CYP) from 25 February 2018 until 1 March 2018. Find out what the CYP is and what will be happening as part of this year's conference:


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  • Maram Bayad

    Organisation New South Wales

  • Max Burke

    Organisation Australian Capital Territory

  • Sophia Chapeshamano

    Organisation Zambia

  • Pierre de Garis

    Organisation Guernsey

  • Jermaine Figueria

  • Alex Forgay

    Organisation Ontario

  • Amy Lee Fraioli

    Organisation Scotland

  • Jack Gillum

    Organisation United Kingdom

  •  The Greffier of the States

    The Greffier of the States

  • Sarah Gwynn

    Organisation New Zealand

  • Talha Haroon

    Organisation Pakistan

  • Ashneil Jeffers

    Organisation Montserrat

  • Brett John

    Organisation Wales

  • Akbar Khan

    Organisation Commonwealth Parliamentary Association

    Position Secretary General

  • Khadijah Khatun

    Organisation United Kingdom

  • Megan Laflin

    Organisation British Columbia

  • Taye Le Monnier

    Organisation Jersey

  • Rhonda Linaone Tiakia

    Organisation Niue

  • Lucinda Lowe

    Organisation Falkland Islands

  • Chauntae Martinez

    Organisation Cayman Islands

  • Tiphanie May

    Organisation Falkland Islands

  • Alison McArthur

    Organisation Jersey

  • Jaedyn Meissner

    Organisation South Australia

  • Richard Mensah

    Organisation Ghana

  • Mark Montegriffo

    Organisation Gibraltar

  • Dominique Noralez

    Organisation Belize

  • Ade O'Neal

    Organisation Barbados

  • Keiran O'Neill

    Organisation Scotland

  • Marcel Persaud

    Organisation Guyana

  • Carlos Phillips

    Organisation Isle of Man

  • Colleenna Piper

    Organisation Guyana

  • Tammy Randall

    Organisation Gibraltar

  • Jevon Reid

    Organisation Jamaica

  • Ben Sawyer

    Organisation Wales

  • Matthew Shaw

    Organisation Northern Territory

  • Michelle Slack

    Organisation Nevis Island

  • Artour Sogomonian

    Organisation British Columbia

  •  Connétable of St. Clement

    Connétable of St. Clement

  • Adrian Stewart

    Organisation Cayman Islands

  • Sieni Tiraa

    Organisation Cook Islands

  • Josiah Tualamali'i

    Organisation New Zealand

  • Katie Weaver

    Organisation Northwest Territory

  • Brenton White

    Organisation New South Wales