States Assembly - 26th April 2022 (Morning) - Tuesday, 26th April 2022 at 9:30am - States of Jersey Webcasting

States Assembly - 26th April 2022 (Morning)
Tuesday, 26th April 2022 at 9:30am 









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Roll Call
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Debate - Empty Property Tax (P.48/2022)
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  1. Deputy Montfort Tadier
  2. Deputy John Young
  3. Deputy Montfort Tadier
  4. Connétable of St. John
  5. Deputy Montfort Tadier
  6. Deputy Susie Pinel
  7. Deputy Russell Labey
  8. Senator Steven Pallett
  9. Connétable St. Brelade
  10. Connétable of St. Lawrence
  11. Deputy Kirsten Morel
  12. Deputy of St. Mary
  13. Deputy of St. Martin
  14. Deputy of St. Peter
  15. Deputy Gregory Guida
  16. Deputy Robert Ward
  17. Deputy Mike Higgins
  18. Deputy Susie Pinel
  19. Connétable St. Mary
  20. Deputy Geoffrey Southern
  21. Senator Tracey Vallois
  22. Connétable of St. Peter
  23. Senator Sam Mézec
  24. Connétable St. Ouen
  25. Deputy Montfort Tadier
Debate - Hustings filming (P.49/2022)
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  1. Deputy of St. Peter
  2. Deputy Steve Ahier
  3. Connétable of St. John
  4. Deputy Russell Labey
  5. Senator Steven Pallett
  6. Connétable St. Brelade
  7. Deputy Inna Gardiner
  8. Senator John Le Fondré
  9. Deputy Montfort Tadier
  10. Deputy John Young
  11. Deputy Carina Alves
Debate - Revised code of practice for engagement between ‘scrutiny panels and the Public Accounts Committee’ and ‘The Executive’ (P.50/2022)
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  1. Senator Kristina Moore
  2. Senator John Le Fondré
  3. Senator Kristina Moore
  4. Senator John Le Fondré
  5. Senator Tracey Vallois
  6. Deputy John Young
  7. Connétable of St. John
  8. Deputy of St. Martin
  9. Senator Steven Pallett
  10. Connétable St. Brelade
  11. Deputy Montfort Tadier
  12. Deputy Gregory Guida
  13. Deputy Kirsten Morel
  14. Deputy Gregory Guida
  15. Webcast Finished